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A light of hope for Latin America

Latin America represents a huge region of the american continent where prevail languages such as Spanish, Portuguese and French. The amerindian cultures (Atzecque, Maya and Incas) helped, through serious RM_ARGENTINA_01studies, in achieving great discoveries in the fields of astronomy, art and political and social organisation. The majority of the latin american population (about 800 millions people) professes belief in catholic christianism, although the evident growth of protestantism. As for ecclesial life it is important to underline that Pope Francis is the first and the only one american at the Holy See.

The spread of Radio Maria in our continent began in the 1990s and has represented a light of hope for millions of people. A signal is spreading throughout our countries which, under the protection of the ecclesial magisterium and supported by a specific founding charisma, makes itself a tool of Catholic evangelisation. Radio Maria promotes a spiritual path in bringing closer to the culture of the Gospel and the spread of it and to the necessary social awareness which leads to announce, with even more vigour and in an increasingly inevitable way, the Good News and to denounce the consumer and relativist mentality.

Latin America is mission territory for the missionary project of the Virgin Mary worldwide.

Alicia del Cid

President of Radio Maria Guatemala

Vice-President of the World Family


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