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Logo WF of Radio Maria
Logo WF of Radio Maria


Radio Maria is a private initiative within the Catholic Church. Our stations offer the opportunity to pray and celebrate with the Church.

Over the airwaves, Radio Maria works to bring about the gifts that flow from the evangelization of the Gospel: salvation through Jesus Christ for every person.

The main themes of our programming are the Liturgy of Hours (which we broadcast live every day), Mass, and the Holy Rosary. We also provide catechesis and cover topics concerning the profession of faith, social issues, programs of human and social development, as well as news from the Church and society. The Priest Director has the responsibility of choosing what is broadcast.

Radio Maria has no commercial advertising. Our operations and expansion in the world are entrusted to Divine Providence.

Radio Maria spread first throughout Italy and then to the five continents, urged on by a love for Our Lady. To date, we have 77 stations in the world and over 65 spoken languages are represented by our stations, including seven for linguistic minorities:

– 28 in Europe

– 22 in America

– 21 in Africa

– 6 in Asia and Oceania

With almost 2,000 radio repeaters around the world, Radio Maria is an “outstretched hand” offered to around 500 million listeners, encouraging them through life’s difficulties so that they may gain the confidence to look toward the future with hope.

Our attention is particularly aimed at those suffering in body and spirit, to the lonely and the elderly, the poor and imprisoned. With conscientious respect, we witness to God’s love and the hope of eternal life.

The Radio Maria Project is based upon the irreplaceable contribution of volunteers. It is thanks to their tireless efforts that over 20,000 hours of external broadcasting are made possible in the Radio Marias of the world.

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Sede Legale: Via Rusticucci, 13 - 00193 Roma
Tel: +39 06 64005701 Fax: +39 06 64005707


Sede Operativa: Via Valassina, 40 - 22036 ERBA (CO)
Tel.: +39 031 2073350 - Fax +39 031 2073351

® Radio Maria è un marchio registrato di proprietà dell'associazione Radio Maria