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In her apparitions Our Lady recommends the Rosary


Dear friends, in the Marian apparitions of modern times Our Lady has given great importance to the recital of the Rosary, inviting Christians to recite it every day. The Church, in the person of its Supreme Pontiffs, particularly St. John Paul II, has echoed the invitation of the Blessed Virgin underlining the value of the Rosary and its deep Christological meaning.

In no apparition of the Mother of God has the Rosary occupied such an important place as in Lourdes. Here, Our Lady recommends it by example, not by words. The beautiful young lady “has rosary beads on her arm”. On her right arm to be exact. It is undoubtedly a “precious” crown, if Bernadette specifies that the chain on which the beads are threaded is yellow and brilliant like gold, like the roses placed on her feet. To show her pleasure, while the visionary prays, the Beautiful Lady slips the beads through her fingers, without moving her lips. Our Lady does not recite the Rosary, because she obviously doesn’t pray herself.

Our Lady in Fatima teaches the three young shepherds to recite the Rosary every day to obtain the end of the war and the advent of peace: “I want you to recite the Rosary every day to obtain the end of the war and peace in the world”.

The Queen of peace in Medjugorje reconnects to Fatima and invites to fast on bread and water and to recite the Rosary every day to stop violent wars. The Rosary should be recited with all its mysteries, particularly in families. When the devil is released from his chains, Our Lady invites us to tackle him and defeat him with the rosary in our hands. The evening recital of the Rosary with families is one of the highlights of the Radio Maria programming schedule.

Warm regards Father Livio

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