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Father Livio – “With Mary on the Streets of the World”




PadreLivioDear friends,

The 6th Radio Maria World Conference will be held in the last week of October in Collevalenza, the burial place of Blessed Maria Esperanza. Delegations from the 74 Radio Maria stations, which are operating throughout the five contents, will attend: Europe 26; America 23; Africa 19; Asia-Oceania 5+ 1 twinning. Six delegations of radios, which are still at the planning phase, will also take part: Latvia, Guinea Conakry, Liberia, Ghana, Benin, Web Radio Mariam (in Arabic). In all, 80 delegations that bear witness to the extraordinary spread of Radio Maria worldwide in less than three decades.

The proceedings will focus on deepening the identity of Radio Maria, as a Marian radio of prayer, evangelization and human promotion, founded on voluntary work and on trust in Divine Providence. On this matter, in the newsletter we present the important document which outlines the essential and inalienable traits of each Radio Maria station and which all stations must comply with.

The highlight of the conference will be the Special Audience with Pope Francis on Thursday 29th October at 12 when he will meet all the Radio Maria delegates in the Clementine Hall in the Vatican. We thank the Holy Father from now for this gesture of kindness which gives us great comfort and encouragement. The meeting with the Pope will be preceded by the Holy Mass at 9 in St. Peter’s Basilica, and concelebrated by all the Director-Priests. You can listen to both the Audience and the Holy Mass live on Radio Maria.

Let us all joyfully participate in this important event. It is a moment of great celebration for all the Radio Maria family.

Warm regards,

Father Livio

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