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Do not remain silent on the after-life

P. LivioDear friends,
November gives us a glimpse on Heaven, the destination we must all strive to reach. The Church, by celebrating the Solemnity of all Saints and the Commemoration of the departed believers, recalls us to our final destination awaiting for all mankind. We are not born to be dissolved into dust but, thanks to our spiritual and immortal soul, once we are born, we will never die.
The horizon of eternity must enlighten our journey in course of time. We are all given time to live, different for each one, with the task of making choices and thus deciding our eternal destiny. Ultimately it is the opportunity of   opening our hearts to God welcoming his love, or otherwise refusing it and thus remaining bolted, in a hopeless loneliness.
Many people today, just in our countries of ancient Christianity, live as if death should be the end of everything. It is a diabolical cheat making life sad and death distressing. And just for these people living without God and without the light of eternity, it is necessary to witness the Christian certainty of the victory of Jesus over death and the joy of everlasting life.
Radio Maria, ever since its foundation, strongly witnessed the ultimate truth of life, helping many people to die serenely by praying and hoping. Death is differently faced if considered as the moment of meeting Jesus and Mary and all our loved ones who await for us!

Father Livio

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