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The easter confession


Dear friends, Confession in Easter time has a special value because forgiveness of sins comes from Christ’s cross. Jesus is God’s Lamb who carries on his shoulders the sin of the world as well as our individual sins. By means of His Passion and Death he atoned sins in our place and for our sake obtaining from the Father reconciliation and eternal life.

Remission of sins is given us by Sacraments of Baptism and Penance by which we die to sin with Christ and rise with Him to a new life of grace. We live Easter in union with death and resurrection of Jesus through a deep inner change.

Confession is a fundamental moment of Easter celebration involving a review of our lives looking at sins that stain it. Looking at the Cross with the eyes of faith we may contemplate the generous and boundless love of God’s Son who gave His life for our salvation.

Let our hearts to be won  by contrition and the desire to change life and let us  take this with gratitude for  forgiveness of our sins and the gift of a new friendship with Jesus our Lord and Redeemer. Then we will experience the sweetness of peace, the gift given by Jesus to his apostles gathered for the Last Supper. There is no greater gift that a human being may receive  on the earth.

Your Father Livio

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