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In this section you can listen to Radio Maria using optional programs (Mediaplayer, Winamp, iTunes).
Just click on one of the radio stations on the list to listen to Radio Maria on Internet.
Visit this page often... other stations from around the world will be added soon!

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RM Albania
RM Argentina
RM Armenia
RM Austria
RM Belgium
RM Bolivia
RM Bosnia
RM Brazil
RM Burundi
RM Canada - English
RM Canada - Italian
RM Canada - Italian (Montreal)
RM Chile
RM Colombia
RM Congo
RM Costa Rica
RM Côte D'Ivoire
RM Croatia
RM Democratic Rep. of Congo
RM Domenican Rep.
RM Ecuador
RM El Salvador
RM France
RM Germany - Radio Horeb
RM Guatemala
RM Hungary
RM India
RM Indonesia
RM Italy
RM Kenya
RM Kosovo
RM Lebanon - Voix de la Charité (twin radio)
RM Lithuania
RM Malawi
RM Malta
RM Mexico
RM Mozambique
RM Netherlands
RM Nicaragua
RM Panama
RM Papua New Guinea
RM Paraguay
RM Peru
RM Philippines
RM Romania
RM Romania - Hungarian
RM Russia
RM Rwanda
RM Serbia
RM Serbia - Hungarian
RM Spain
RM South Tirol
RM Switzerland
RM Tanzania
RM Togo
RM Uganda
RM Uruguay
RM Ukraine
RM U.S.A. - Boston
RM U.S.A. - Chicago
RM U.S.A. - New York - Spanish
RM U.S.A. - Houston
RM U.S.A. - Italian
RM Venezuela


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Prayer, the soul of Radio Maria
Dear friends, Radio Maria is an extraordinary aid to nourish one’s day with prayer. (..)

Radio Maria Guatemala
A Christian embrace to all our friends who, reading this, join the formidable communication (..)

Radio Maria France
The studios of Radio Maria France are located near Toulon, in the south of France. (..)

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