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Father Livio: “Heaven: The Goal We Must Aim For”


The Solemnity of All Saints and the commemoration of the faithful departed illuminates the month of November with the light of eternity. To the question regarding the meaning of death, which arises spontaneously in the human heart, the Church answers with faith in eternal life. Today as never before we need the witness of faith in the victory of life over death because people seem to have become resigned to the “mortality” that afflicts their lives, thinking that death “ends everything”. It is a nihilistic conception of life that reduces it to an ephemeral and random phenomenon, destined to disappear.

Christians believe in Christ’s resurrection, the center and heart of our faith. We know that we are united with him now and forever, even when this world has passed away. On the feast of All Saints, our gaze turns toward the joy of heaven where the heavenly Jerusalem shines, the hopeful goal of our journey through time.

In celebrating the faithful departed our hearts fill with love and we pray that our brothers and sisters will be purified in the expectation of their entry into Paradise. These are joy-filled days when we lift our sights beyond the confines of finitude where the ephemeral clouds our vision to find the strength to make this holy journey and to reach the goal that God has prepared for us, where we are awaited by our loved ones who have gone before us.

Yours truly, Fr. Livio

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