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Father Livio: “The Holy Rosary”


Dear Friends,  the Holy Rosary is the most important Marian prayer, not meant to be recited once in a while, but every day: personally, in the family, with prayer groups, at Church… It’s a prayer that is particularly dear to the Virgin Mary, which she asks us to pray in her appearances. At Lourdes, the Holy Virgin appeared with a golden rosary in hand that counted, bead by bead, the prayers of the Rosary that she recited with Saint Bernadette. At Fatima, the Beautiful Lady taught the three shepherd children to recite the Rosary every day to bring an end to the war and that the soldiers might return home. At Medjugorje, the Queen of Peace asked for the whole Rosary to be recited every day to defeat the scourges of hatred and war that seek to destroy even the planet on which we live. Likewise, the Church has recommended the Rosary over the course of centuries but especially in our days, particularly with the example and teachings of St. John Paul II.

In praying the Rosary we look at Jesus and the mysteries of His life through Mary’s eyes, nourishing our faith and setting our hearts aflame with love. The secret of this prayer is the identification with the Holy Virgin, which introduces us to the mysteries of redemption worked by her son Jesus. While we recite the Rosary, the Madonna clothes us in His light, infuses us with His peace, curing our wounds and giving new energy to our weak limbs. Let us always keep a rosary with us as a motivation to pray it during the day.

Yours truly, Fr. Livio

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