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Father Livio: “The Lenten Season”


Dear friends, Providence has arranged that Easter coincide with springtime. The awakening of nature after the winter frosts brings us back to the grace of redemption and the new life we are given through the risen Christ. The light that invades the days, the warmth of the sun, the shoots that sprout, the meadows that are green again show that death does not have the last word and that life always ends in triumph. This is true firstly on the spiritual level, where the winter of sin is not unavoidable and without hope. The cross, upon which Christ set us free from the slavery of evil, is a source of life that waters the earth and makes it flourish again.

We too, in this time of grace, must rid ourselves of apathy, of the weariness and tepidity that hamper our spiritual journey. The days of fasting and penance of Lent should awaken the desire to pray and for the renewal of life. We keep before our eyes the example of Jesus, who faced the trial of the Passion in total adherence to the Father’s will, by taking on the burden that is unimaginable for us but necessary to save our souls.

As the large Radio Maria family undertakes, with perseverance, the journey of Lent until the end, so as to rise to new life with Jesus, our Easter. Let the Divine Mercy fill us with his sweetness and joy. With Mary we climb Calvary and participate in the glory of the Resurrection.

 Father Livio

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