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Father Livio: “Radio Maria born missionary”


Dear Friends,

During this month of October, which the Church dedicates to missions, it is important to highlight Radio Maria’s extraordinary presence at the frontlines of evangelization.

First of all, this is because of our strong Catholic identity that radiates prayer and the Gospel, sustaining believers on their spiritual path. But it is mainly because we announce conversion, reawakening faith in those who have lost it and calling those far away to come back to God.

From the beginning, Radio Maria has been given a missionary dimension, spreading first throughout Italy and then the various continents to arrive now at 78 associated broadcasters operating throughout the world.

This has been possible thanks to our passionate listeners who support this extraordinary project with their sacrifices and dedication, knowing that nothing is more important than the eternal salvation of souls. In a world ruled by the darkness of lying, which blinds the often-unaware multitudes, it is necessary for the light of the Gospel to shine, so that those who are seeking the truth might find it.

Radio Maria’s missionary forefront is immense and concerns the countries of ancient Christianity, where many have lost their faith and who need a new evangelization. But, in a special way, it also concerns the frontiers of Africa and Asia, where the soil is fertile. We participate in this noble missionary commitment, supporting Radio Maria’s projects, because it is with prayer and sacrifice that God’s works are brought about.

We give an enormous thanks to all our listeners who have made this admirable miracle of evangelization possible. What we have done to bring souls to God will remain forever.

Yours truly,

Fr. Livio

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