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Father Livio: “Radio Maria celebrates thirty years”


Dear Friends,

On Saturday 7 October, the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, in the chapel of the Radio Maria headquarters, together with our program hosts and volunteers, we will celebrate Radio Maria’s first 30 years.

For the occasion, the statue of Our Lady that is beside of the altar will be crowned. Looking around and admiring everything that Our Lady has accomplished, we can only be filled with gratitude for the immense gift that has been placed in our hands. Mary’s miraculous net has spread across the continents, among different peoples, cultures, and languages, gathering an enormous amount of fish. This has all been possible in response to the call of our Mother, who has come to rescue her children at one of the most difficult moments of human history and in the life of the Church.

It is love for Our Lady, the enthusiasm for her project of evangelization, that has given the courage to overcome difficulties and sacrifices —small and great— to the many persons who have made this extraordinary miracle possible. We cannot let ourselves be overtaken by weariness or taken in by the illusion that everything will keep moving forward on its own steam. Truly, everything would shortly die out like a lamp’s flame that goes out without the oil that sustains it.

On this thirtieth anniversary, while we thank Our Lady for having called us to her service, let us promise that we will always rise to her expectations without ever disappointing her. Our Mother wants to save all her children and we must help her.

Yours truly,

Fr. Livio

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