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Father Livio: “Radio Maria for the Ill”


Dear friends, on the occasion of the World Day of the Sick, which is celebrated every 11 February, the day commemoring the first apparition of Our Lady at Lourdes, we address the many sick who find comfort in praying with Radio Maria who, like a faithful friend, accompanies them through the course of their days and nights.

Many have discovered Radio Maria during an illness, when there has been time to reflect and listen to God’s voice speaking to one’s heart. It is during times of suffering that we become aware of life’s precariousness and fleetingness, that our thoughts turn toward eternity, the goal that we are heading to and for which we must strive.

The ill are particularly dear to Our Lady, who has given us the example of St. Bernadette. Thanks to her, Lourdes has become the world ‘s temple of the sanctification of suffering. Recently, the Queen of Peace dedicated a particular message to the sick that illuminates suffering and consoles afflicted hearts. After exhorting us to follow Jesus, who, out of love for us, accepted pain, she encourages us: “You, my children, apostles of my love, you who suffer: know that your pain will become light and glory. My children, while you are enduring pain, while you are suffering, Heaven enters in you and you give a piece of Heaven and much hope to all those around you.  Thank you.

 Your truly,  Fr. Livio

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