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Father Livio – Radio Maria meets Pope Francis


Dear friends, The sixth World Congress of Radio Maria reached its high point on the morning of Thursday 29 October when all the delegates, more than two hundred people, met Pope Francis in the Vatican’s Clementine Hall.

The mere fact that the Holy Father granted us a special audience was a great joy for us because it showed the esteem the Church has for the “Radio Maria project”, defined by the Holy Father as “A clear, high objective, pursued with constance and determination, that has earned itself an extraordinary amount of attention and number of followers”.

However, the joy at the meeting went far beyond expectations due to the extraordinary speech the Pope made to the entire, large Radio Maria Family, in which he exhorted us “to persevere in our commitment, which has become a true mission, faithful to the Gospel and the Church’s teachings, listening to society and the people, especially the poor and marginalised, and become a point of reference and support for all your listeners.”

The Holy Father showed his benevolence by wanting to greet all the delegates one by one, dispensing words of encouragement and support. All of us hold that unique moment in our hearts as one of the most beautiful moments in our lives, from which to draw strength and enthusiasm at all times in our thoughts. However, we realise we cannot sit on our laurels, satisfied with what has been done. Radio Maria is a living reality, which needs to be generated, nourished and perfected every day. That is why, when the Convention ended, going back to our countries, we said to ourselves: “Let’s return to work in the Lord’s vineyard with renewed strength

Father Livio

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