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Father Livio: “Radio Maria, sweet companion”


Dear friends, for many of our listeners Radio Maria is a friendly voice accompanying them during the day and even at night. It’s an inseparable companion who never forsakes you and whom you can count on anytime you need. Those who are alone, or sick, or travelling can always keep it on. In times of loneliness or discouragement, when it seems there’s no one to trust in, you know that, by switching on Radio Maria, you will find someone with the words of comfort word that are right for you. In the chaos of all the mass media, Radio Maria stands out, speaking and listening to your heart, bringing serenity and peace.

In these summer months, Radio Maria is particularly precious. First of all, for the people who stay at home it is important because it ensures constant company, particularly with live prayer links from parishes. Radio Maria is also precious for those traveling because no other station covers the streets and the highways so broadly. Even those on holiday away from home can find Radio Maria wherever they go. Radio Maria transceivers, scattered around the country, are twice as good as those of a normal commercial radio. It entails quite an economic sacrifice, but the results are worth the cost.

We thank all our generous volunteers who, during the summer months, continue to provide live radio programming to the great benefit of our listeners. Our Lady looks kindly upon and blesses her people who pray and bear witness in a world that often forgets God.

Yours truly, Father Livio


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