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Father Livio: “Radio Maria World Mariathon”


Dear friends, we would like to invite the large Radio Maria family to participate actively in the World Mariathon that will be held on the 10th, 11th and 12th of May.All 76 Radio Marias in the world will participate.

It will be a moment of communion that will broaden our view of the wonders that Our Lady has realized in recent years with the prayers and sacrifices of all those who love and help her.

It will be a moment of solidarity because we need to support the evangelization work in Asia and Africa where we are almost at a stop due to lack of resources.

It will be a moment of mobilization because all our listeners will contribute spiritually and materially in support of this great work, which Pope Francis wanted to encourage with a special audience and a wonderful speech.

In these days of the Mariathon we will all undertake our ideal stretch of road, which will lead us to our neighbour, in particular to all those who do not know God and his love.

Let us help Our Lady to spread the call to convert and hope for a peaceful future throughout the world.

Father Livio

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