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Father Livio: “Rest in the Lord: Prayer, Nature, Reading”


Dear Friends, the summer months can be a time of grace, a time for real rest, not just physical rest. Our minds and hearts also need rest in order to recover the strength and serenity to return to work again.

To achieve this, we must devote time to personal prayer because—as the Queen of Peace says—prayer, the experience of God, becomes our “joy and rest”. Reconnecting with nature, after months closed in houses and workplaces, gladdens our soul and opens it to contemplating the beauty and greatness of God’s work. “Find peace in nature and you will discover God the Creator, to whom you can give thanks along with all creation.”

We should also dedicate time to some good reading, especially of the Gospel, so that, “in silence, the Holy Spirit can speak to, convert, and change us”. Vacations can thus become a time of grace during which the heart “yearns for God the Creator”, the true rest of our souls and bodies.

Yours truly, Father Livio

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