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Father Livio: “He, My Son, Your Brother”


Dear Friends, In her message from the 25th of this past November, the Queen of Peace shows us the path to take for preparing our hearts for the encounter with Jesus, our peace. She gives us three commands, which flow from the fullness of her maternal heart: “Believe, pray, and live”.

These three words summarize all of her messages and show us concretely what we have to do to convert our hearts. Firstly, we must keep the lamp of faith lit in this age of apostasy when many are turning away from the true Light, which is Jesus and his Word. Persevering in the faith and making it grow must be our most important daily commitment so that we do not get lost in the darkness of disbelief or the labyrinths of the ephemeral.

This is possible with true prayer, which comes from the heart and becomes an encounter with the Lord. Prayer is the most beautiful of our experiences during our time of pilgrimage because it allows us to taste of the joy and peace of paradise.

During this time of Advent, whenever we can, let us make moments for prayer and seek Jesus’ presence in the intimacy of our hearts. Finally, let us live what we believe in so that we might radiate Jesus’ light and love around us. He is our brother who comes every Christmas to bring us peace, without distinction of who we might be or what we might do. Only in him can this miracle occur: making all of humanity one, single family.

Yours truly, Fr. Livio

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