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Father Livio: “World Mariathon”


Dear Friends, We invite you to participate in the Mariathon that we are celebrating along with the 78 Radio Maria’s spread throughout the world. It is a time of communion and solidarity for our great Radio Maria family, united in our desire to serve the Virgin Mary.

Without the Madonna, this radio that bears her name would not have spread throughout the world, awakening faith, calling for conversion, and comforting hearts with prayer and Christian hope.

We are celebrating Radio Maria’s 30th anniversary and much has been accomplished, but there is still a long road ahead of us if we are to keep spreading Radio Maria throughout the world.

These days of the Mariathon serve to rekindle fervor, to unleash new energy, to confirm us in the virtue of perseverance, and to find the spiritual and material resources needed to continue forward.

Our duty is, first of all, to see to the necessities of Radio Maria Italy, which is the rock upon which the World Family is built. In this way, we can carry out the projects we present to you for assisting the Radio Marias that are poorer or still taking their first steps, and for responding to the many calls we receive from all over the world.

Our Lady expects an openness of heart from us, a generous race, a strong decision to serve her. From just listeners we become supporters. Let us help our Lady to help one another.

Yours truly, Fr. Livio

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