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Logo WF of Radio Maria

Fr. Livio: Editorial Newsletter – february 2018


Dear Radio Maria Directors,

This monthly letter serves as a reminder to us all to keep Radio Maria’s particular charism alive in our hearts. Ours is a special Radio, Mary’s gift to the Church in our times. Truly, Radio Maria’s miraculous diffusion throughout the world, with its extraordinary fruits of faith and conversion, can only be explained by the presence of Mary, who works through this humble instrument, making it able to reach even the most distant hearts. One of the characteristics of a true Radio Maria is the listeners’ active presence in our Radio’s programs and life. Our audience is not an anonymous and passive multitude, as is normally the case in the mass media. Radio Maria listeners make up a family that participates in Radio Maria’s mission of evangelization with their active presence in the Radio, especially in prayer, in their witness of faith, and in the various forms of volunteering. When a listener gives witness of their conversion, it has even more of an effect on others than the program’s host, however good they might be. Let’s invite the Directors to open up the phone lines, letting listeners participate in the programs and take advantage of those initiatives that involve people in our activities in different ways. When a Radio Maria becomes a large family, fruitful benefits are ensured and even economic difficulties are overcome.

Your truly Fr. Livio

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