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Fr. Livio: Editorial Newsletter – january 2018


Dear Radio Maria Directors,

The new year that lies before us is a time of grace given to us by God so that we might cooperate with the Church in carrying out the wonderful work of Redemption and the eternal salvation of souls. Let us reflect on the great responsibility that weighs upon our shoulders because the spiritual life of many depends on how we carry out our mission as Radio Maria directors. Our Lady, the Queen of Radio Maria, has entrusted more than 30 million listeners, spread across five continents, to our hearts as pastors. We must be their sure guide, leading them on the path of salvation amidst the innumerable dangers of a world that is often far from God. Let us begin the new year aware of the task we are called to carry out, asking God for the light and the strength that is needed. Even if there is much work to do, let us not forget to put prayer first so that our profession of faith on-air might be drawn to and nourished by love. The director is the one who must give all those working on the broadcasts as well as the listeners the spiritual passion needed to nourish the hearts of those near and far to open to the grace of conversion. Let us take care that the Blessed Virgin with her faith, her prayers, and her motherly love be present in every Radio Maria. I assure you that all difficulties will be overcome and that her maternal assistance will never be lacking, even for material needs. Let us walk together toward the World Congress, supporting one another with reciprocal prayer.

Yours truly, Fr. Livio

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