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Logo WF of Radio Maria

Fr. Livio: Editorial Newsletter – november 2018

Dear Radio Maria Directors,

We are returning to our monthly Newsletter after the World Conference, which was without a doubt a grace-filled event, the fruits of which will bear out in the near future. During the blessed days of the Conference we met, we prayed together, we deepened Radio Maria’s charism, and we focused on objectives yet to be achieved. We realize that Radio Maria is Mary’s gift to our times for announcing conversion, nourishing the faith, and saving souls. We also understand that we have a great responsibility for this gift from the Mother of God and for carrying out the tasks that she has given us. I would particularly like to highlight that the fundamental issue of conversion has been entrusted in a particular way to the Priest Director and his daily catecheses with which he can play a guiding role in his listeners’ spiritual journey. The call to conversion sounds throughout the whole of Salvation History and echoes in the preaching of Jesus Christ. It is the announcement that characterizes the Church’s preaching. We Priest Directors must be tireless in inviting people to open their hearts to Christ so that He may enter into their lives and transform them in truth and holiness. We must accompany their journey of conversion by inviting them to prayer, to the source of Grace that is the Sacraments (especially Confession and the Eucharist), and to practice the Commandments. At this moment of crisis in faith, we must be the “salt of the earth” and “light of the world”, steadfastly faithful to Sound Doctrine and the sources of Grace. We ourselves must work toward our daily conversion, bearing the witness of faithfulness to Christ and his Most Holy Mother. Our listeners will follow and help us because today, as ever, the flock needs to hear the voice of the Good Shepherd.


Yours truly, Fr. Livio

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