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Fr. Livio: Editorial Newsletter – september 2017


Dear Radio Maria Directors,

In preparation for the World Conference of Radio Maria that will take place in one year, and in which all of the Presidents or Directors of the 77 Radio Marias around the world will participate, I want to send you a monthly letter focusing on the position of a Radio Maria Director and his responsibilities in civil and ecclesial areas as well as, and especially, towards his listeners.

The Directors and the Presidents are the two columns upon which all of Radio Maria’s work is based. The President is responsible for the technical and administrative aspects but no less important are the responsibilities of the Director, who has the task of providing the Radio with its soul and of making it an instrument of conversion and evangelization. These are two distinct spheres but we will get the most positive results by going forward together helping and complementing each other.

The first message that I would like to share with you, which comes from my more than 30 years at Radio Maria full time, is that our priestly charism is fully and fruitfully realized when we take this unique apostolate seriously. By its very nature, it allows countless souls to draw near to God. Personally, I worked for 22 years in a parish in Milan before coming to Radio Maria. I can testify that in leaving the parish for Radio Maria, I have become even more fully a priest and proclaimer of the Gospel.

I want to share this encouragement with all of you—many of you who are at Radio Maria more out of obedience than by choice. Take this commitment seriously because the Radio is a formidable means of evangelization, reaching people where they live, which makes the Priest Director a Pastor entrusted with an incalculable number of sheep.

Yours truly, Fr. Livio

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