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Help in welcoming Child Jesus with faith and love

NataleDear Friends, in this time of Advent Radio Maria’s task is to help in welcoming Child Jesus with faith and love. In fact today, also in countries of ancient Christendom we celebrate Christmas without thinking whose the celebration really is. The extraordinary event of world’s Redeemer’s birth is removed and the Gospel page of Nativity possibly deleted thus turning the day of Jesus birth into pagan holidays. As a Radio we do everything we can to make Christmas live not only by preparing hearts’ cradle to Child Jesus forthcoming birth but also with external signs celebrating Nativity. Let us decorate our houses with Christmas symbols and – most of all – let us remember the Holy Night building a Crib, even a little one, as a sign of Child Jesus presence in our families. Let us celebrate with the Holy Family and our families will taste the invaluable blessings of joy and peace.

Your Father Livio

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