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“Let us help Our Lady to help us”

Mariathon ITA


12th-17th May 2015

Our world is increasingly affected by phenomena of wars, violence and lack of values. Radio Maria unceasingly works to bring everywhere a message of peace and love which is the Word of Christ.

MARIATHON is a race of worldwide solidarity through which Radio Maria in the five continents brings the message that all together we can carry out a big plan: opening new broadcasting stations where political and social condition makes it even more urgent the need of spreading the message of peace and comfort by the love for Our Lady and Jesus.


Project 2015:


Completed projects 2013-2014

  • Africa: RM Equatorial Guinea, RM Rep. of Guinea and RM Madagascar. 2 frequencies in Uganda (Moroto & Kabale)
  • Asia: RM India
  • Europe: RM Ireland


Projects underway

  • Europe: RM Latvia
  • Asia: RM Macau
  • Africa: 7 frequencies: Burundi (2), Rep. of Congo (2) and Kenya (3).

The next goal is that of opening new radio stations in just as many Countries where we are still not present.

In this week very it is important all the broadcasting stations from Europe, Africa, Oceania and America will organise a series of worldwide and continental programmes characterised by moments of prayer, personal accounts and sharing.


We invite you to participate at the prayer of the Rosary worldwide, Friday, May 15 at 15:00 (hour of Italy) and the Mass multilingual from Congo – Kinshasa, Saturday 16 at 16:00 italian hour.

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Mariathon ENG

Mariathon ENG


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