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Let us live Lent


Dear friends, Time of Lent  was lived through the ages with a great spiritual intensity from the Church. The example given by Jesus when praying and fasting for fourty days in the desert before facing and win  the devil, has deeply marked the path to prepare Easter. Everything seems to have disappeared and very few are those who live this extraordinary moment of good will and grace. As for  the family of Radio Maria we must welcome the invitation of the Church to make  Lent  return  back to  be again  what it has always been in the Christian life.

First of all, Lent is a time to be spent particularly for prayer. The point is that not only we need    good  prayer  and participation in liturgical celebrations. We must seek for God in the intimacy of our hearts and stay with Him every day, so that we may be enlightened when taking  our decisions and  receive the strength to remain faithful.

Lent is a privileged time of fast and penance, certainly not to be  limited to the call of the Church. To find the strength to win seductions and temptations of the flesh and the devil, we must learn the art of renunciation, thus strengthening our will and becoming able to resist sin.

Thus the Easter confession  becomes the summit of the conversion path preparing your hearts  to receive the Peace of Easter.

Your Father Livio

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