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Radio Maria in Asia, a rising star of hope

Asia-OceaniaAsia is the continent of a thousand colours and a thousand religions, the home of two thirds of the world’s population and the largest number of languages and cultures.RM India It is the new challenge of the third millennium, and the Church is focusing greater attention on this continent which is the cradle of the largest religions in the world, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism and others, without forgetting that Jesus and the Church were born just in Asia. There is great thirst for spiritual values and a desire for renewal and spiritual reforms and it is precisely for this reason that many people approach and listen to Radio Maria because of peace and faith it brings, in contrast with the noise of the new frenetic lifestyle and materialism as well as words and ideologies. RM is a lifeboat in this ocean of varying currents. The challenge becomes endless since only a few countries have a Christian majority, and the spirit of religious tolerance and peaceful coexistence sometimes gives way to political and religious oppression and, in many cases, forces Christians to bear witness with their own life. Radio Maria would like to bring the voice of God through Mary, first to Christians scattered throughout Asia, and then to all the people of this mosaic and crossroads of religions, with feeble attempts in some countries, with success in others, but always with the patience that characterises the Oriental population. The Oceanic continent shares with Asia the same hope and aims at shortening distances amongst the many islands and the strong tribal traditions through Radio Maria waves. There are several difficulties but nothing is impossible to God with Mary. We will be His “testimonies to the extreme boundaries of the earth“.

Joseph Nassar

Continental representative of the World Family in Asia & Oceania

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