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Radio Maria Equatorial Guinea

Guinea EquatorialeRadio Maria Equatorial Guinea is the first catholic radio station in this country where 93% of the people are catholic. In fact, the radio has been on air ever since December 8 2014. Technical experts of the World Family of Radio Maria have been working night and day in order to meet that date.

Indeed, following the works of structuring the radio seat and the delivery and customs clearance of material related to radiofrequency and audio frequency, the whole archdiocese of Malabo (the capital city) prepared Christmas through Radio Maria.

Following the opening of Radio Maria in Equatorial Guinea, the World Family of Radio Maria manages in spreading out its presence through all the international languages spoken in Africa: English, French, Portuguese and now Spanish in Guinea. Language is important as far as each Radio Maria in Africa is able to create an atmosphere of brotherhood, dialogue and communication with the other Radio Maria worldwide, in order to create a real family, which is a cultural aspect of a great value for Africans.

So far, although all the necessary steps have been taken to put on air the radio in Equatorial Guinea, still we need a device costing 20.000 Euros allowing the mobile studios to reach catholic communities and broadcast the Holy Mass and other moments of prayer, with a view to extend Radio Maria’s signal to other dioceses of Equatorial Guinea.

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