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Radio Maria in France: “never lose hope”


After the dramatic events in Paris on the 13th of November, many things have changed. I personally was in the Paris area but fortunately a long way from where the attacks took place. Even if we are distant geographically from the events, we live with a feeling of oppression and fear that is affecting many people in France. A few days ago a lady in my parish approached me after mass and said: “Father I am afraid of what is happening. A lot of people come to us and say that they are afraid. We don’t want to go out in the evening any more.” Thus, our role is to comfort those who have a tendency to feel anguished, fearful and oppressed. We must put ourselves in the hands of God to remove this fear and find faith in God and the Blessed Virgin Mary. We are praying for all the victims and Radio Maria is here to bring help spiritually through prayer to all the victims of the attacks, to all those who seek to deform the face of God, and to those who do evil. We also pray for the families of the victims who are in shock and cannot manage to comprehend. We pray for those who have decision-making roles in politics, in order that the Holy Spirit guides them.

Our role at Radio Maria is to pray, to maintain peace and faith in God. The Virgin Mary teaches us to live in peace, the peace that is a gift from God that we do not make ourselves but is the fruit of the cross and the Resurrection of Christ. Let us remember that Jesus gave this peace after his resurrection to his disciples gathered in fear by saying to them “peace be with you. This is the word that should penetrate our hearts so that this gift of peace allows us to live in faith wherever we are and to avoid falling into the temptation of anguish and anxiety. On a personal level we need to bear witness to hope.

Remember that France is the eldest daughter of the Church and has a special vocation that it has demonstrated for a number of centuries. Faced with the violence we have lived through we must support each other in order to not lose hope. At this point we ask the Blessed Virgin Mary to protect France because she is the patron of our country, and for this reason we can be sure that the Virgin protects us with her mantle, and gives us peace and hope. She did not lose hope at the foot of the cross but remained close to Jesus, and did not stop at the horror of the passion but stayed hopeful because she believed in the promises of God.

This is the message that we can give: to not lose peace or hope but to pray for France, which needs to find the strength of “the daughter of the Church” again.


Father Mathieu Rey

Director RM France

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