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Radio Maria in Africa, a tool reaching people’s hearts

Radio Maria in AfricaRadio Maria enjoys a large audience of Catholics and non-Catholics in Africa. Listeners are particularly fond of its schedule because it satisfies their thirst for God, thereby promoting the spiritual life. Through its prograRadio Maria in Africa - 2mmes Radio Maria also encourages wellness of the body, handling themes related to peace education, human rights, health, education, national and family economic development.

These themes concern believers of all religions as well as non-believers. Furthermore the name “Maria” – a mother – is an important value, since mothers have a very strong role to play within the African family. Listeners of our radio station like to call themselves “sons of Mary”, becoming brothers through the radio and creating a true family.

The joyful, peaceful and friendly style used by Radio Maria stations perfectly responds to the African culture where orality is important. Speaking without verbal violence: this happens for example to deepen a religious theme or a theme related to human training. We speak with listeners and then invite them to ask questions. In this way the presenter will be clearer, and the listener will gain a better understanding of the topic. The goal is to reach the listener’s heart. It is emotionally touching to hear people give their testimony of Christian faith to Radio Maria. This contributes to their personal conversion.

Jean Paul Kayihura

Continental representative of the World Family in Africa

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