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Radio Maria Macedonia

RM MacedoniaOn 8th of December 2014, feast of Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary, Radio Maria Macedonia was officially inaugurated. Official program of the Radio started with Magnificat singed by Cathedral Choir Sacred Heart of Jesus, accompanied with violin and electrical organ. After that, volunteers prayed Magnificat on three languages (Macedonian, Albanian and Croatian). Then other group of voluntaries prayed Rosary on three languages, as symbol of unity of tree nationalities in our radio.

Don Preke Lazaraj was special delegate of WFRM, and he spoke to the listeners and to the guests in the Radio, explaining the charisma of Radio Maria. Furthermore spoke President of the Radio Katica Trajkovska Abjanic and Director of the Radio mons. Antun CirimoticBishop Kiro Stojanov, who blessed the studio of Radio Maria Macedonia on 19th of October (Missionary day) at the end of the official part of inauguration address give support and blessing to all who contributed this project to be realized in Macedonia. He also gived special thanks to World Family of Radio Maria and President Mr. Emanuele Ferrario.

Radio Maria Macedonia is starting like a web radio, there are many interested volunteers especially young people who believe that will make good program whereby will help Church for new evangelization.

Ena Abjanic 
RM Macedonia

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