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Radio Maria presents the Financial Statement to the Bishops


In July 2015, Father Víctor Atencio, Director of Radio Maria Panama, presented the Radio Maria Financial Statement for 2014 during the Ordinary Plenary Meeting of the Bishops of the Episcopal Conference of Panama.

In the same month, the Stakeholders’ Meeting of the Radio Maria Panama Association read and approved the Financial Statement during the General Meeting at which the Board of Directors was re-elected for the 2015-2018 period.

This occasion was also an excellent opportunity to illustrate to the Bishops the projects which Radio Maria are accomplishing to spread the Gospel throughout Panama and the resources the radio avails of to broadcast diocesan events, as the station has done to date.

The Bishops expressed satisfaction with the evangelizing commitment of Radio Maria and with the excellent results of the Financial Statement which, in turn, allow the steady growth of the radio in Panama. The 2014 Financial Reports were subsequently published in Panama’s Catholic Church weekly (Panorama Católico) on Sunday 3rd August, a few days before the seventeenth anniversary of Radio Maria which falls on 5th August, on social networks and on the website.

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