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Radio Maria, a radio becoming integral part of our families

P. Abelardo Cobos

“During these past years, as witnessed by many adults, kids and young people,  Radio Maria was able to reach the families that every day listen to it and come to consider it as a near friend,  part of the family.” Such a witness comes from the city of Houston in the United States, where it is impossible to obtain an FM frequency and this is why it was necessary to use a special platform called “subcarrier” allowing broadcasting but with the disadvantage of having to use a special radio. In the States,  that system was not trusted but nowadays listeners rely on it  such as to call it ” Radio Maria’s Radio“.

Father Abelardo Cobos, Director of Radio Maria Houston tells us that his Radio is the migrants’ one, those who had left their families and now look for  spiritual support,  thus giving birth to volunteering  and love for their radio,  believing it is an integral part of their families.

Therefrom this important witness, showing God’s will  beyond human limits, Radio Maria Houston has celebrates 11 years from its founding, december 8,  crowned by the  Anniversary of the Immaculate Conception. A  radio which will soon have a new head office in which they are working to improve their service to society.

Eufracio Abrego

RM Panama

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