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Radio Maria Rwanda is beloved

RM RuandaRwandans have welcomed Radio Maria Rwanda who made the difference with other radios that exist in Rwanda. Imbued with a spirit of Mary, his listeners are very interested in listening to a radio that perpetuates the message of conversion that the Virgin Maria gave to Kibeho. During these ten years, Radio Maria Rwanda has followed its editorial line and its mission of being near the needy and low class: pray with the sick, the old and comfort the afflicted ones. During the anniversary’s celebration, the local Church authorities have appreciated the work done by Radio Maria Rwanda because it is an evangelistic outreach channel. The celebration of the 10th year anniversary coincided with the start of construction of the main office of Radio Maria Rwanda in Kigali. Friends of Radio Maria Rwanda have resolved to support this important work.

Diogene Ndagijimana

Radio Maria Ruanda

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