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Radio Maria Uruguay celebrates the appointment of Card. Daniel Sturla

Card. Sturla

Uruguay, with a population of 5% practising Catholics and 37% atheists, is the least religious country of Latin America and the Caribbean.

This is the flock that Mons. Daniel Sturla will have to guide now that he is cardinal.

Ordained a priest in 1987 and an auxiliary bishop in 2011, he became the Archbishop of Montevideo in 2013, and now cardinal.

RM Uruguay broadcast the Consistory, the Mass of Thanksgiving as well as the first Holy Mass celebrated by Sturla as cardinal and, several times, it interviewed the Auxiliary Bishop of Montevideo Mons. Tróccoli, the Uruguayan priests in Rome, the Ambassador Daniel Ramada and the neo-cardinal, who made their contribution to our mission with their testimonies.

The ceremony was particularly touching because of the Uruguayan population present in the Basilica of the XII Apostles, where the relics of St. Phillip and James the Minor, the patrons of Montevideo, are preserved, and where there is an image of Our Lady of the Thirty-Three, the patroness of Uruguay. The Uruguayans resident in Rome meet here once a month to celebrate the Eucharist.

We could not miss out on the appointment to ensure that all Uruguayans could take part by tuning in to our radio frequencies. All this was made possible thanks to the great technical support provided by the WF, in the persons of Trenca, Chiappalone, Militello, and of the RM Italy volunteers.

At the start of the Holy Mass the cardinal thanked RM for its presence and prayed for our mission and for our listeners, an attention which filled us with great joy. The cardinal shared with the auxiliary bishop the desire that RMU be present in Montevideo.

Three weeks before we had transmitted a 6-hour special of the recital of the Rosary in a public place, in which 8,000 people had participated. Cardinal Sturla, who had expressed his devotion to the Blessed Virgin, had also been present. Now in Rome, once the mass was concluded, he prayed in front of her image and offered her flowers.

There is no doubt that in this way, under Mary’s guidance, the change in Uruguay will come about.

Irene Ermida
RM Uruguay

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