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Logo WF of Radio Maria

Radio Maria, a young, fourteen-year-old radio in El Salvador

Sede RM El Salvador

On February 2nd, Radio Maria celebrated 4 years of broadcasting on the FM frequency in this Central American country. Of these 14 years, approximately 10 were spent broadcasting on the AM frequency with very limited coverage.

 With its signal in FM, Radio Maria covers 85% of the country, reaching large populations in El Salvador. The move has been significant, and in these four years, we can say that the radio has grown.

Radio Maria identifies itself as a radio that evangelizes and helps Catholics to grow in faith, as well as a radio which remains at the service of the Church. Work is currently underway to expand the signal to the city of Usulutan, in a zone to the east of the country. This is due to the availability of space provided by just one listener in the area. The challenge of each Radio Maria is to achieve a good nationwide signal.

Eufracio Abrego

RM Panama

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