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Viana Diocese Builds a Radio Maria


This year, the Diocese of Viana, Angola will have a radio station supported by the Radio Maria Association. Works are underway and will be completed this August.

Laying the foundation stone for the building’s construction, Bishop Joaquim Ferreira Lopes, O.F.M. Cap., said that the future station will broadcast 24 hours a day with programming aimed at spreading the Gospel of Christ. Radio Maria will transmit to Luana and its surrounding locales beginning in October as part of the celebrations for the feast of St. Francis of Assisi. Bishop Ferreira affirmed that contacts with the Ministry of Social Communications have already been established in order to obtain the frequency. He also stated that the station will be important for transmitting blessings and Church doctrine. “It is a different radio because it will transmit only the Word of God, prayers, and nothing else,” he said, adding that it could be called “a radio station in service of the Gospel message”.

The president of the Radio Maria Angola Association, Fr. Queirós Figueira, said that this is another step for the Church, at the moment when the diocese is celebrating its tenth anniversary. “The future radio does not come to compete but to give greater dignity to those who are seeking God with open hearts through the radio waves.” The Radio Maria Association is committed to working to help people find meaning in their lives, bring reconciliation and peace to person’s hearts, to families, and to society.

Source: http://jornaldeangola.sapo.ao/sociedade/diocese_de_viana_edifica_radio_maria_1

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