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The volunteers of Radio Maria Bolivia get ready to welcome the Pope


Radio Maria, a communication tool at the service of the Church, has not limited itself to preparing to broadcast all the events of the Pope’s journey, but has also prepared the listeners for this important visit of the Holy Father, and it has contributed to the training of volunteers, so that they are ready to broadcast every single detail.

In an interview for Panorama Hispanoamericano, Father Eloy Rios, Director of Radio Maria Bolivia, points out that many volunteers went to the city of La Paz to be present at every stage of Pope Francis’ visit and give their testimony on it. The procession, which will be held in an atmosphere of “silence and prayer” in memory of the 1980 assassination of the Spanish Jesuit Luis Espinal, a priest who fought against the dictatorship to defend freedom and truth, will be one of the most emotional moments.

The entire route, which will wind from the Governor’s Palace to the Cathedral of the Archdiocese of La Paz, will be lined by numerous volunteers, who will broadcast every second of the visit. The radio director will stay in the studios of the main office, to comment on each moment.

Another fundamental stage that will see the presence of many volunteers will be the city of Santa Cruz, on the occasion of the Pope’s meeting with priests, religious men and women and his visit to the Rehabilitation Centre of Palmasola prison. Finally, the last event of the intense programme of Radio Maria and its volunteers will be broadcast from ExpoCruz, where a World Meeting of Popular Movements will take place.

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