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The World Family of Radio Maria’s meeting with the Holy Father


Dear friends, We are infinitely grateful to the Holy Father for so affectionately granting the World Family of Radio Maria a special meeting. The Family was represented by the Presidents and Priest-Directors, and the Holy Father greeted everyone one by one, as they were the representatives “of the hearts and faces of all the listeners who support Radio Maria through voluntary work and offerings.”

Pope Francis delivered an extraordinary speech to us, in which he highlighted the special charism of both Radio Maria and its mission, namely to “support the Church in the work of evangelisation; and to do so in its own way, with closeness to the concerns and problems of people, with words of consolation and hope, the result of faith and commitment to solidarity. This clear and noble objective, pursued with determination and perseverance, has earned significant attention and following.”

The Holy Father praised trust in Providence, which has always provided the necessary means, including “for the modernisation of technologies and for broadcasting across Italy and then throughout the world, which has taken place surprisingly extensively and quickly.”

The Virgin Mary, who finds a way to perform “great works from small and humble beginnings” has meant that the initiative has been well-received, “beyond our best predictions”, thanks to the “courage to offer high-profile content from a clearly Christian position.

For this reason, Pope Francis encourages us to continue our work, “which has become a true mission, carried out with fidelity to the Gospel and to the teachings of the Church, listening to society and to people, especially the poorest and most marginalised, so as to be a point of reference and a support to all your listeners.” He invites us to cultivate the “interior garden of prayer” and to “love with Mary’s heart in order to live and feel in tune with the Church.” “Moreover, always keep in mind that you provide something great and unique: Christian hope.

The Pope then concluded the following: “Therefore, under Mary’s protective mantle let us place your Radio, the people who work with you and their families, your projects for the future, and all the men and women who tune in. I bless all of you and your work. And please, do not forget to pray for me.

Your Father Livio

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